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The Swaddlebee Collection

provides comforting soothing products for all ages.

The only baby blanket your little Bee needs. Perfect for the crib, stroller, bassinet and car seat. 38×40", 18 color combinations. 0 - 3 yrs old. $52.00


The comfort Blankie your baby will adore! 2 side snaps that attach to a stroller, crib, car seat, pacifier or teether. 16x16”, 15 color combinations. 0 - 5 yrs old. $28.00

BiggerBee and MegaBee

Throw sized for snuggle comfort for your big bees and little bees. 50 x 70”, 12 colors. 4 yrs old to adult. $74.00 - $86.00


The cozy dress and/or sweater that hugs you while you wear it! Made with our magical material, also known for helping reduce anxiety, sensory issues and medical discomforts. The wearable blanket you all need! $92.00

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Check out some reviews from our customers.
Best Blanket Ever!
Amazing costumer service and best blanket ever! So soothing. Literally can just fall asleep with it sitting!
Leah R.
The Perfect Gift
After buying blankets for ourselves, Swaddle Bee has become our go to for gifting. We are a super sensory family and everyone appreciates it! Highly recommended.
Super Cozy and washes amazing
This is so super soft and really lightweight! It is super cozy
Chana P.

Feeling great is wrapped up in the quality.

Wrapping yourself or your little Bee up in our blankets can feel like one giant hug.
And it can do wonders for you and your little Bee’s comfort, confidence and calm.
The Perfect Material

Our one–of–a–kind Minky fabric is unlike any other you’ve encountered. The fibers in our minky material are uniquely one directional, resulting in a silky smooth, buttery texture that babies and adults love.

From colicky babies to children and adults with sensory sensitivities, to anyone who would appreciate the most delicious feeling ever, the softness...

The Perfect Design

SwaddleBee has created a silky smooth, beautifully textured product to suit any occasion. From full sized throws to discreet swatches that travel in your bag to infant and toddler baby lovies they’ll take with them as they grow we’ve got you cozy and comforted.

Sizes range from our Loviebee size of 16x16” to our MegaBee size of 60x80”.

Machine washable and quick drying, our products are designed for real life.

No Pressure, Literally.

The Minky material is perfectly lightweight. Suitable for a wide range of climates and seasons. Perfect alone or for layering under a warm or weighted blanket.

Customers have reported that our blankets support restful sleep, calm anxiety, soothe sensory sensitivities and lower ADHD impulses.

Bee the change you
want to see.

Donate a blanket to someone who needs it today

SwaddleBee blankets mean the world to patients suffering life threatening illnesses, infertility or undergoing cancer treatment. They provide comfort and compassion during the most challenging times of their life.

But not everyone can afford to purchase a blanket of their own.

You can donate a blanket through our sponsorship program to someone in need for only $68.00. It’s as simple as adding joy in a cart! We thank you with all our hearts.

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Hey there, it’s us.
The Sterns!

Another mom and dad on a mission. Just like you.

We started our business after we found the perfect material for a blanket to soothe our colicky baby. Once we realized the effect it had on her, We wanted to make it our mission to help other moms out there! We now sell blankets in all sizes for adults and children which provide a lot of comfort. Our blankets have been proven to soothe adults and children with sensory related issues and anxiety.

When creating our brand, it was very important to us to do more than sell baby gifts. We wanted to be a place of help and support and to help spread awareness on childhood related diseases and challenges.

With our brand, we hope to give you adorable accessories, top quality products, and a community of love and support!

Thanks for being here!

Xoxo, The SwaddleBee Fam

Designed to Bee your perfect comfy,
cozy companion.

Machine Washable

Quick Dry


Travel Friendly

Never Sweaty

Ethically Manufactured

Sensory Supportive

Multiple Sizes